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Respectful, Realistic
Legal Guidance

Respectful, Realistic
Legal Guidance

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A Lake County Attorney With Over 40 Years Of Experience

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my law firm, Thomas M. Gurewitz, Attorney At Law. I have been practicing law in Illinois since 1975. In over 42 years, I have guided countless families and individuals through complex and emotionally challenging processes like divorce and child custody.

In my practice, I emphasize reasonable resolutions whenever possible. I have seen how contentious litigation can tear apart families both emotionally and financially, and I want better results for my clients and their children. I am a trained mediator and can help you and your family get through your case in one piece with creative and effective solutions at a reasonable price.

Focused On Children

I believe that children deserve the greatest amount of protection that can be afforded to them, which is a large part of why I chose to practice family law. I know that my actions as a lawyer have a direct impact on the families I work with. It is my goal as a lawyer to help guide parents toward a resolution that is in the best interests of their children by giving them honest and realistic guidance based on what I know to be true from four decades of experience.

To learn more about my legal background, please follow the link below.

Meet TJ And Henry

Thomas Gurewitz Thomas Gurewitz's German Shepherd TJ and HenryHenry

Every day, my German shepherds, TJ and Henry, come to work with me. I know that working with an attorney can be intimidating, but they help create a friendly and inviting atmosphere, making my clients feel more at home. They play wonderfully with children and have even helped some couples work through difficult mediation sessions. They are important in providing a fun and relaxing atmosphere when I am appointed to represent children.

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To help you get started on your case, I offer free initial consultations at my office, which is located across the street from the Lake County Courthouse in Waukegan. To schedule an appointment, please call 847-693-7371 or get in touch with me by email. There is parking behind my building for clients to use.