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Keeping emotions from leading to property division missteps

| Nov 16, 2018 | divorce |

A divorce brings about major changes in a person’s life and can be stressful in many ways. So, a lot of emotions can be going through one’s head during the process. While it is natural to experience very strong emotions when getting divorced, it can be important to not let these emotions drive decision-making when it comes to key divorce legal matters, such as property division.

Letting emotions take over could lead to critical property division missteps that could hurt one’s overall interests. Some examples of such missteps include:

  • Taking rash actions: The emotions of a divorce and a desire to just get the process over with may tempt people to act rashly when it comes property division. However, property division matters can have long-lasting impacts. So, rash actions can be very financially dangerous.
  • Overvaluing property: A divorcing person may have strong attachments to certain property, such as the family home. However, letting such attachments drive decisions as to what assets to pursue in divorce property division can be problematic. Such attachments may cause a person to view a piece of property as being more valuable than it really would be for him or her. This could lead to him or her pursuing a property division split that doesn’t actually serve his or her best interests.
  • Trying to use property division to settle scores: Anger is a very common emotion in divorce. It may tempt some to focus on getting back at their ex in property division. However, letting revenge-focused goals control property division decisions could drag the process out, making it more expensive for everyone. Also, it could lead to a person inadvertently compromising his or her own interests.

So, when making key decisions in property division matters, it can be critical for divorcing individuals to stay focused on their future and interests, rather than letting emotions hijack the decision-making process. A skilled divorce attorney can come up with a strategy for navigating these property division matters.