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What are the types of adoption?

| Dec 24, 2018 | adoptions |

Adoption is a wonderful process where you can give a child a loving home in Illinois. It enables you to be a part of another person’s life and make a huge impact. When considering adoption, it helps to learn a bit more about the options. The Adoption Center explains there are three different types of adoption, excluding step-parent adoption, which is different than adopting a child not already in your family.

When people think of adoption, they often think of independent adoption. This is where you work with a company that specializes in placing children with new families. This is usually the most expensive type. It often allows you to adopt a child as an infant. It may also be possible to be involved with the mother when she is pregnant.

You may also adopt a child through the state from foster care. Children live in foster care when their parents are unable to take care of them. This is usually low cost and allows you to adopt children of all ages. You may also have the chance to adopt siblings.

Similar to foster care adoption is fost-adopt, which is where you foster a child with the intent of adopting him or her when it is legally possible. This gives you a chance to get to know the child and the child gets a chance to get to know you before the adoption is final.

With any type of adoption, you may choose to have it closed or open. A closed adoption means the birth parents are not involved and information is not shared. An open adoption allows you and the child to remain in contact with the birth parents and family. This information is for education and is not legal advice.