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Respectful, Realistic
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How can I make the most of custody visits?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2019 | parenting time |

If your ex has primary custody of your children, you’ll likely be allowed visitation. It’s crucial that you play a role in the life of your children and visits allow you to do just that. Making the most of your visits is also important, and Live About offers tips on how you can do so. 

Be respectful to your ex

While you may be resentful of your former spouse, it’s important you remain polite and cordial in his or her presence. Being disrespectful to your ex could cause your child to be put in the middle, which will result in a range of negative emotions. It could also impact your ability to have visits with your child if your ex addresses the matter to the court. If you’re having difficulty remaining respectful, relegate conversations to child-rearing topics alone.

Keep a routine

If you’re allowed to keep your child overnight, make sure you stick to his or her routine. Drastic changes in bedtimes and other routines can prove disconcerting for kids. Not only will they be less likely to follow these rules at your ex’s home, you may also experience behavior issues as a result. Make sure you keep routines consistent to avoid unnecessarily disrupting your child.

Plan activities

You want to fill the time you and your child spend together with fun activities. It’s a good idea to plan ahead in this case so you won’t need to make decisions on the fly. For instance, if you have a smaller child spend some time at the park or a museum. If your child is into sports, consider spending an afternoon playing basketball or soccer. You can also watch a movie with your child or even create some arts and crafts at your home. Quality time between parent and child is key to a healthy relationship, and sharing activities together is very fulfilling in this respect.