When Illinois residents divorce, they typically need to consider what will happen to their pet. Some couples may decide to share custody of their pet and in this situation, they may need a custody agreement. 

When people write a custody arrangement, there are several things they need to include in this document. The Legal Dictionary says that a couple should talk about which one of them can spend more time with this animal and who can afford pet care. If a couple has children, they might want to keep the kids and the pet together. Some people may choose to have joint custody of their pet. In this situation, a pet might spend an equal amount of time with both people and they may both pay for food and vet bills.

According to Glamour magazine, a pet custody arrangement should include information about how a couple will split the expenses associated with the pet, such as grooming, vet bills and food. Additionally, they should discuss how their pet will travel from house to house and what they will do if their pet has an emergency health problem. It is also a good idea to consider what people should do if one of them needs to travel unexpectedly.

Some people may want to discuss pet custody when they first get a pet. In this situation, a couple might put together a prenuptial agreement that lays out who will get the animal if the relationship ends. Other people may discuss custody when they realize they are getting a divorce. Sometimes people might be unable to discuss this peacefully by themselves. In this situation, they may want to work with a mediator so they can find a good custody solution with less conflict.