It is generally held that children in the state of Illinois, and throughout the U.S., benefit from having a relationship with both of their parents. Therefore, you may choose to enter into a shared parenting arrangement after a divorce, so that you and your child’s other parent can continue to share in the joy and responsibility of raising them. We at the law office of Thomas M Gurewitz Attorney at Law know that co-parenting with an ex can be challenging and have helped many parents work together for the benefit of their children.

Communication is often a problem for couples who have gotten divorced, However, maintaining open communication is vital for successful co-parenting. You must talk openly and often about your child’s schedules, activities and any issues he or she may be dealing with, as well as things going on in your own lives that may affect your children. According to U.S. News, it may be helpful for you to take a business-like approach to these shared parenting discussions. You and your former spouse may consider holding weekly meetings or exchanging emails or phone messages in order to pass along pertinent information to one another.

Feelings of abandonment, betrayal and anger are common after a divorce. However, involving your child in these adult emotions and issues may be detrimental to him or her and his or her their long-term coping and well-being. Therefore, you are advised to find a healthy way to deal with your feelings that does not involve venting to or in front of your child. Staying positive and maintaining respect for your former partner may help you avoid unnecessarily burdening your child.

Keeping these pointers in mind as you discuss and prepare a parenting plan with your child’s other parent may be key to preventing some child custody disputes and ensuring your arrangement is a positive situation for everyone. More information on parenting plans is available on our website.