Many marriages cannot survive infidelity. Because this is considered to be such a serious issue, most spouses become quite alarmed when they notice signs that their partner might be unfaithful. While every person is different, Psychology Today provides the following tips on how you can recognize the common signs of infidelity in a marriage.  

Many spouses become highly secretive when it comes to mobile devices when they are being unfaithful. This can include devices like cell phones and laptops, which may suddenly have passwords attached or the previous password may be changed. Also, be wary of the deletion of messages or browser history, as this can be a sign that your spouse is trying to hide messages or other information.

You can also pay attention to the behavior of your loved ones. Do they seem uncomfortable in your presence? Do people tend to avoid you or seem reluctant to discuss your relationship with you? Unfortunately, news of infidelity may be known to everyone except the person’s spouse. This can result in strange behaviors, as many people feel uncomfortable revealing the information.

The relationship between you and your spouse may also undergo changes. This can include differences in intimacy levels, both physical and emotional. Your partner may also seem hostile towards you for no reason. He or she may pick fights or criticize behavior that never was an issue in the past. This is a defense mechanism many people use to deflect the guilt they feel about cheating. When questioned about infidelity, the person may also place blame on his or her spouse.