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Respectful, Realistic
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When divorce becomes the only viable option

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2019 | divorce |

Illinois couples seem to separate daily. The reasons behind the uncoupling vary, but for many, one thing is clear: divorce is the only option.

The staff at Thomas M. Gurewitz, Attorney at Law, understand that the reasons behind divorce may include painful topics. Examining the reasons behind the decision may become the foundation upon which to rebuild a better life for all involved.

Never say never 

Before contemplating divorce, you may have insisted nothing would ever drive you to it. Saying this and believing it may lead you down a path of anger, bitterness and mistrust. Depression rates among divorcees who have this kind of mindset may run higher. Therefore, accepting that divorce is one way to improve happiness can help you find it.

Toxic relationships never end well

You may find yourself one half of a toxic coupling. For whatever reason, perhaps your marriage started well, but troubling behavior along the way may have come up that you could no longer ignore. Emotional abuse by one spouse is difficult to escape, but through divorce, you may find a way to heal and regain a firm footing after a toxic situation.

Children learn what they live

If you grasp at straws to justify remaining married in the face of negativity, understand you risk more than just your happiness and peace. Children are resilient. Staying in a bad relationship does not help them become well-adjusted adults. Instead, it sets them on a path of believing this type of marriage is the norm. They may wind up seeking out toxic or unhappy people as a result.

Divorce is not something anyone wants to do when first married, but it may become the only way to live a happy life. Get more data on how the process works by checking out the link to our website.