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How does divorce affect dogs?

| Dec 11, 2019 | animals and divorce |

If you are going through a divorce, you may read a lot about the effect that divorce has on the people involved; especially the children. However, if you have a pet, you may notice that your pet may be affected by the divorce, too. Divorce can impact a dog in many ways that are similar to how it affects humans.

The Nest explains that dogs pick up on your emotions during a divorce. They also realize something is changing. These disruptions in their lives can cause dogs to act out or to show confusion. Your dog may show signs of anxiety or depression.

You should keep an eye on your pet and watch how the situation may be triggering behaviors you had not seen before. A sudden return to bad behaviors you thought were in the past, similarly, could be your dog telling you it is uncomfortable or upset or afraid.

Dogs thrive on consistency, so changes can make them uneasy. Even if your dog is not experiencing anxiety or stress, it may still need time to adjust to any major changes. This includes losing one of its family when your ex-spouse leaves. It could also mean the changes that come with moving to a new home or not having your children around as often.

It is important that you provide support to your pup during this time just as you would your children or yourself.  Your dog is a member of the family and, as such, is going through the divorce, too. You need to pay attention to your dog and you will find this companionship will reap substantial emotional benefits for you as well. It’s all part of living your life through the divorce process so you’re in a better position after its resolution.