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Custody concerns during covid-19

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | family law |

The covid-19 crisis has spread uncertainty and chaos across the country and the world. Some parents have questions about how the pandemic may affect custody schedules. The short answer is that in most cases, you should adhere to your existing custody schedule, even though children are not currently in school.

Traveling back and forth

Transporting your children for the purposes of fulfilling an existing custody arrangement is considered to be ‘essential travel,’ and is therefore allowed under current stay-at-home restrictions.

Staying flexible

With so much uncertainty in the world at the moment, it is important to try to keep open and productive communication with your co-parent. If one parent gets laid off, for example, that parent may be able to take the children while the other parent continues to work, whether from home or in what has been deemed an ‘essential’ role.

The possibility of illness

If one parent becomes ill, or works in a healthcare setting or another job that puts them at risk for infection, parents may want to consider changes to their custody schedule. Keeping children safe during this time should remain a top priority. Some parents may have concerns about whether the other parent is taking enough precautions against the virus. But in the absence of a clear risk to the health of the children, parents should still adhere to the existing custody arrangement.

Temporary office closure

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