In Illinois, divorce will have an impact on the children who must adjust to a significant change in their lives. One way that parents can make it easier for the kids is to implement a consistent schedule for when they will be with each parent.

When parents decide to split custody 50-50, the daily schedule during the school year will usually broken up by days, not weeks. In one example of such an arrangement, one parent could have the kids Monday and Tuesday, the other parent would have the kids Wednesday and Thursday, and then the parents would alternate having the children from Friday until Sunday or Monday morning. In another arrangement, parents could each have the children for three consistent days, rotating Wednesdays or Sundays for the seventh day. The specific arrangement that a couple uses depends on the best interests of the child as well as what works best for the parents. For example, there could be a situation where one parent is involved with coaching a sport that always practices on Wednesdays. In that case, the parents could rotate different days. In the summer, without school schedules to navigate, a one-week-on, one-week-off schedule can be possible.

There may be negotiation necessary between the two parents in order to agree on a custody schedule that might not be what they had originally contemplated. This is where a family law attorney may be helpful in explaining how different methods of dividing parenting time could benefit both the parents and the children. Then, the attorney might assist their client in negotiating the details of this child custody arrangement so that it can ultimately be a part of the divorce agreement.