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How should you handle living with an ex during and/or after divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | divorce |

Perhaps you and your ex-spouse were reluctant to do so, but you remained together in your marital home in Illinois during and after your divorce. Often it’s due to not being able to solely afford the costs of the obligations on the house and sometimes it’s due to keeping the children at the family home for school purposes. Because this is unfamiliar territory for the both of you, you may not know how to properly handle your new living situation.

Gain proper information and insight about living in the same space with your ex. With a little work, the two of you can co-exist in harmony.

Figure out a financial arrangement

Do you and your spouse feel comfortable with the same budgeting and expenses method you used during your marriage? If not, figure out how to divide bills and other financial obligations. It may help to have one common joint checking account with both of you paying a certain amount into it. No matter what you decide, neither of you should make major financial decisions or purchases without discussing it with the other person.

Maintain respect

Depending on your post-divorce relationship with your ex, there could exist feelings of resentment between the two of you. If this is the case, approach future communication with your ex as if the two of you are co-workers, extracting as much emotion from your interactions as possible and focusing only on the facts or the most pressing details.

Tell your children

Do you have shared children living with you and your ex? If so, they may sense something different about their home life. It’s important to be honest so that the children know what the new living arrangement really entails.