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How can nesting help our divorcing family?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | family law |

Divorce is hard, but some people argue that coming up with an effective co-parenting plan and executing it in the aftermath is even more difficult. Co-parenting requires good communication and can potentially be very stressful, and moving the kids between houses poses a challenge.

To alleviate this, some families have been experimenting with “nesting.” “Nesting” is a living arrangement where the adults cycle in and out of one house where the children reside, according to Psychology Today.

Who does this benefit? 

In essence, nesting flips the traditional co-parenting system on its head. Rather than the children moving between mom and dad’s houses on a prearranged schedule, the parents instead move in and out of the family home where the children live.

This can be especially beneficial at the beginning stages of divorce. It is likely that the parents would like space from each other during this time, but this does not mean that moving the children before making any plans is a good idea. Nesting allows the parents to have space while the kids get to retain stability in their lives.

Does anybody nest permanently? 

Nesting is generally temporary. It is likely that the parents are going to want to set up independent living situations at some point. However, given the right circumstances, nesting can last for years.

Another popular use of nesting is to keep families in a high cost of living area that they may not be able to afford to stay in with the parents only having single incomes. In these situations, nesting often goes on for a long time.