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Respectful, Realistic
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When going through a divorce, avoid this behavior on social media

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2021 | Uncategorized |

People who frequently use social media do not always follow etiquette they were taught or behavior that they abide by through in-person communication. So listen to this. Watch out what you post on social media sites during a divorce. Some of that information may be misinterpreted and prove your downfall, filled with lies and misconceptions for the public and a court to see.

In essence, you are just stirring up trouble while thinking you can hide at a distance. Not so. Everything is now out in the open: your distaste for your estranged spouse, your tirades and online exaggerations. In doing so, though, you may be playing right into the hands of your estranged spouse, who will likely use information gleaned from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok as crucial ammunition in divorce court.

No lies, no boasting and no harassing

While going through a divorce, information obtained from social media sites can potentially come back to haunt you. Here are some of things you should avoid posting on social media:

  • Misleading statements about yourself and braggadocio. If it is nonsense, it will catch up to you and make you look untrustworthy in a judge’s eyes.
  • Untruths about your estranged spouse. Outright lies and false accusations focused on your soon-to-be former spouse will harm you.
  • Deeply personal information: What is the point? Not only are you embarrassing your estranged spouse, but yourself as well. Disclosing private information likely leads only to pain and humiliation as well as disdain from the judge presiding over your case.
  • Harassing and threatening statements targeting your estranged spouse: You do not want to be painted as a bully, criminal and unstable individual. Doing something like this could even lead you to face criminal charges. Revenge porn is in this area as well.
  • Criticisms and  badmouthing your estranged spouse: Do not let emotions get in the way. Most people understand the anger and hurt you are going through. Do not air it out in public. Please take the high road.

You know your marriage will not survive. But you are a mature adult and prepared to look to the future. But be careful during a divorce proceeding, and that includes avoiding shaming yourself on social media.