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When should you consider marriage therapy?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | divorce |

If your marriage is struggling, you may eventually face the difficult decision of whether to split or seek professional help to potentially save your marriage.

There are several reasons to consider therapy for marriage. Many couples face similar issues when their marriages start to feel strain.

Money issues

Perhaps the root of your marital woes lies in financial matters. If differing relationships with money, a loss of income or financial infidelity spark arguments, a therapist may help you and your spouse compromise and navigate your conflicts

Drifting apart

Maybe you feel you and your partner do not have the same bond you used to. Life, time and circumstances may create a gulf between spouses, making them feel like they do not know each other anymore. A marriage counselor may help you reconnect and re-familiarize yourself with your partner. Or a therapist may help you realize that divorce presents a viable option. Either way, you gain clarity and the knowledge needed to move forward with confidence.


An act of infidelity may rock a marriage to its core. Spouses could struggle to regain trust in each other or fail to understand why the cheating happened. A therapist may help supply you with the proper tools and language to get to the root of the matter, and to meet each other’s needs.

Do not deny yourself assistance from professionals while divorcing. Your investment may help you decide which way to go when you arrive at a fork in the road of married life.