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What should you expect when blending a family?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2021 | adoptions |

Starting a new relationship after divorce may mean the opportunity to combine family units. Working with your partner, you may need to adjust schedules, parenting styles, discipline and house rules among other things.

Parenting differences

You and your partner may have differences in parenting methods, styles and beliefs. According to, discipline is one aspect that can be particularly challenging. For the first while, you and your partner may need to parent independently while each other’s children form bonds with the other parent. Disciplining each other’s children will develop over time and requires caution.

When navigating discipline, remember to allow your stepchildren ample time to build a relationship with you. Meanwhile, you and your spouse can collaborate to come up with a list of house rules. While you will not discipline each other’s children right away, you can come together in reinforcing compliance with household expectations. Encourage your children to behave respectfully. Give your partner flexibility as he or she is also adjusting to the changes of combining family units. But, one can’t emphasize enough, the importance of both parties being united in their presentation and enforcement of parental procedures.

Balancing expectations

Children thrive when they have ample time and attention from their parents. Each of your children may have expectations for the treatment, attention and support they will receive from both you and your partner.

One way to manage expectations is to sit down with each child and discuss feelings, concerns and desires. With a clear understanding of each child’s expectations, you and your partner can form a plan to support and strengthen meaningful sibling and parent-child relationships.