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Help children transition between homes

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | parenting time |

When people share parental responsibilities, they usually move the children between their homes. Transitioning between houses may sometimes be difficult for children. Parents may want to take intentional steps to help ease these transitions.

Sometimes, children may find it easier to travel to the new house if they feel comfortable in the space. According to Parents magazine, people should allow their children to help design their rooms at the new house. Older children and teenagers may feel more comfortable in their new bedrooms if they help pick out the furniture and the paint color. Additionally, it may be easier for young children to move between houses when there are familiar elements in each space. Parents may want to make sure that children have the same stuffed animals or bedroom furniture. These familiar items can sometimes help children adjust to their surroundings.

Helping children leave the house

Children may find it difficult to leave for their other parent’s home. According to Help Guide, parents should make sure the children know exactly when they will move to the other house. They may want to give the children a reminder a few days beforehand. Sometimes, a calendar may help everyone keep track of these transitions.

Additionally, parents should make sure that the children pack well before they leave the house. If children pack at the last minute, they may forget to include a book or a toy that they want to bring with them. Advance packing can help ensure that everyone has all the items they will need.

Helping children return

Sometimes, returning to one house can also be stressful for children. Parents may want to give their children some space as they ease back into the rhythm of the household. Additionally, people should make sure that the children’s first day back is a quiet one. It may be more difficult for children to adjust if parents fill the first day with activities.

Transitioning between houses may also be easier when parents maintain good communication with each other.