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Ways to help explain divorce to children

While individuals enter into marriage with a plan to stay together, the reality is that many Illinois couples decide that they are better apart than they are together. This can be an emotional time for both individuals, and particularly tough if children are involved. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, there were over 26,000 divorces in 2016, the last year that data was available. With this rate of divorce, thousands of children are left unsure of where they fit.

What is considered marital property?

When filing for divorce in Illinois, there are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to dividing marital property. Marital property is divided in a fair and equitable fashion, meaning the judge will take in consideration several factors when determining who is entitled to what in the divorce settlement. You and your spouse are responsible for disclosing all property and assets in your possession. This includes contents of your checking and savings accounts, furniture, property and vehicles. However, there are some lesser known items that may get overlooked when it comes time to distribute marital property, or the property and assets that have been accumulated during the marriage.

Is my partner cheating?

Many marriages cannot survive infidelity. Because this is considered to be such a serious issue, most spouses become quite alarmed when they notice signs that their partner might be unfaithful. While every person is different, Psychology Today provides the following tips on how you can recognize the common signs of infidelity in a marriage.  

Divorce or uncontested divorce- which is right for you?

Ending a marriage can be a complicated and emotional process and if you're contemplating divorce, you may be wondering about your options. Depending on how amicable a relationship is and whether a couple agrees on the issues of their separation, a couple can choose to pursue an uncontested divorce, saving themselves both time and money.

Overcoming the financial strain caused by a divorce

Divorce can influence many areas of a person's life in Illinois. They may experience changes in the relationships they have with their children and people who were mutual friends of both them and their ex. They may notice that their job performance is affected as they cope with the emotional turmoil of their split. Perhaps the most prevalent, they may experience financial strain as they work to reestablish their independence. 

Keeping emotions from leading to property division missteps

A divorce brings about major changes in a person's life and can be stressful in many ways. So, a lot of emotions can be going through one's head during the process. While it is natural to experience very strong emotions when getting divorced, it can be important to not let these emotions drive decision-making when it comes to key divorce legal matters, such as property division.

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