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Plotting A New Course Forward

There are conflicts in every relationship. Each married couple knows that it will require a give and take to make things work. However, in some situations, the push and pull becomes a challenge that can’t be overcome. The strain and stress become too much to handle.

If you find yourself in such a position, you may start to consider that it is time to move on. I know that filing for divorce is a time of great change for you, and I want you to have the advice you need to do what is best for your future. From my legal practice in Waukegan, Thomas M. Gurewitz, Attorney At Law, I have helped many Lake County families find solutions to their divorce concerns. I have over four decades guiding people through the divorce process in Illinois.

In addition to my role as an attorney and advocate for my client in divorces, I am also a court-appointed mediator in family law cases. I can help you and your spouse find the common ground to keep your divorce moving. I also serve as a child’s representative and guardian ad litem, and am a court-appointed mediator on visitation/parenting time in the state attorney’s child support court call.

What I Can Do To Help You Protect Your Future

These are difficult things to discuss. You might be afraid of what is going to happen, but know that I am here to make sure that you are protected as your divorce moves forward. I will explain the law to you and tell you how it might apply in your situation. I will answer your questions and make sure that you are an active participant in the strategy that we create.

I help with many divorce-related issues, including:

As your lawyer, I will make it my goal to obtain an outcome that is in your best interests. I will be a strong advocate for you from the moment I take your case. I will make every attempt to minimize the conflict and stress that can accompany your divorce. If we cannot reach a successful resolution through negotiation or mediation, I will not hesitate to proceed with litigation if circumstances warrant it is right for your situation.

Meet With Me To Discuss Your Case

I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about how I can help you. To schedule your free consultation, please call 847-693-7371 or send me an email. My office is conveniently located across the street from the Lake County Courthouse with parking behind my building.