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Establishing Time With Children

The most difficult thing for any parent to imagine is being shut out of his or her child’s life. In many Illinois divorces, parents have great difficulty finding a custody agreement that allows both to play an active role in things moving forward. This often has a significant negative impact upon everyone involved.

Because of the highly contested nature of many custody cases, recent changes have been made to the way that these types of matters are handled. New laws have been passed that eliminate the concepts of custody and visitation in Illinois. Now, courts will be tasked with finding an allocation of parental responsibilities, as well as a parenting time agreement, that is in the best interests of the child.

Finding a balance in many of these situations and having an experienced attorney on your side as you move through your case are important.  At my law firm, Thomas M. Gurewitz, Attorney At Law, I stress a realistic and respectful approach to important family law matters, especially those involving children. You deserve to work with a lawyer who provides you straightforward, honest advice about your case and its possible outcomes, and that is exactly what I strive to do for each one of my clients in Waukegan and throughout Lake County, Illinois.

Creative Solutions Based On Your Life And Your Goals

The first step toward creating a viable plan is for me to understand your current status quo and your goals for the future. Understanding your current routine and family dynamic is very important for me to create a plan the best interests of you and your children, and helps me find the appropriate reallocation of parental responsibilities for your situation.

Some of the issues that we will need to discuss here include:

  • Who will make decisions concerning the child’s education?
  • Who will be responsible for health care for the child?,
  • Who gets to determine what after-school activities the child may participate in?
  • Where the child will spend holidays and other milestone events?

Once I understand your goals, I will give you my realistic opinion about your best options and how to reach an amicable agreement with your spouse. With more than 40 years of experience as an attorney, I know how to craft creative parenting plans that work for everyone involved.

Experienced In Contested Parenting Time Cases

The new law requires parents to try to work out a parenting time agreement on their own prior to the courts getting involved. This may help create lasting agreements that work for everyone involved, but, in some cases, this will simply not be possible.

If you and your spouse cannot find common ground, I have taken dozens of these types of cases to trial in the decades that I have been practicing in Lake County. Through a strong argument that supports your case, I will strive to achieve a resolution that protects your rights and the best interests of your children.

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