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Splitting In The Service

Military families face different obstacles that civilian families do not. The stress of having to move frequently or maintain a relationship during months or years of deployment can put a lot of strain on a marriage. When it becomes too much, divorce may be the best option.

My name is Tom Gurewitz. I understand the complexities of a military divorce. I help people stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Base and others in Waukegan, Lake County, and throughout Illinois carefully handle a divorce in a way that protects their best interests.

Divorce While Deployed

Under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, a member of the military must be given reasonable notice of a divorce so he or she can participate in negotiations. A lawyer must also be appointed to assist him or her through the divorce process. Whether you are in the military or you are seeking a divorce from your military spouse, I will make sure that you follow proper procedure so your divorce can be resolved as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Addressing The Military Pension And Other Important Issues

The way you file for divorce is not the only thing that separates the military couples from civilian couples. Several other aspects of divorce may be addressed differently for military divorce, including:

  • The military pension: A spouse may be entitled to a certain portion of a military member’s pension depending on the length of the marriage, the length of the time the military member served and how long the marriage and service overlapped.
  • Child custody: Deployment and other major moves can affect the final custody agreement in a military divorce. I have the experience to protect your parental rights whether you are in the military or not.
  • Child support and spousal support: Many military spouses gave up careers or educational opportunities to take care of their families while their spouses were deployed. As your attorney, I can help you seek an agreement that is fair and reasonable and allows you to support yourself and your children.

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To discuss your military divorce, please call my office, which is located across from the Lake County Courthouse, at 847-693-7371 or send me an email. There is parking behind the building for clients.