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Dividing Assets Fairly

Many couples in Illinois have built up a substantial amount of marital property throughout the life of their marriages. When divorce becomes necessary, however, that property must be carefully and fairly divided — a task that is often easier said than done. My name is Tom Gurewitz. As your attorney, I will strive to achieve a property settlement that is fair and advantageous to you.

Division Of Property After A Long-Term Marriage

When couples who have been married for many years divorce, retirement accounts are usually a major aspect of their property division. Many people become worried about how 401(k)s, pensions and other retirement accounts will be divided because they often make up substantial portions of a couple’s estate.

In Illinois, property must be divided equitably, which means the settlement must be fair, but not necessarily equal. As your lawyer, I will carefully review your marital property to determine what type of settlement would be most beneficial for you to seek. Retirement accounts can be very complex to address, and the best way to divide one is not always obvious. I will make sure you have a strong but realistic understanding of your options so we take the best approach for you.

The division of these retirement accounts can be very complex, including the entry of qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs). I prepare QDROs in appropriate cases as another aspect of the case.

Addressing Marital Debt

Many people in Lake County have debt. Whether you faced financial challenges in the last several years or you are still paying off a home, car or student loans, debt must be addressed in a divorce. I have decades of experience helping couples determine how best to address debt. My knowledge of property division in Illinois will help you get a fair settlement.

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