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Is Dating During Divorce Worth The Risk?

There are no Illinois laws governing your ability to date while you’re going through a divorce. If you ask me whether you should date during a divorce, my answer usually would be that it is not the best idea. Whether you or your ex filed for divorce, there are likely still residual feelings. If your former spouse finds out you are seeing someone new, he or she may be upset and could decide to make the divorce more difficult for you.

Your ex could try to make the divorce proceedings last longer or could make unreasonable demands regarding property division. If you have children, he or she could also push for primary allocation of responsibilities of your children. When dividing marital property, there are also guidelines regarding dissipation of marital assets. If your former partner accuses you of spending a large amount of marital assets on your new significant other, the court could ask for this money back. This is extremely rare in Illinois, but it is always easier to avoid this type of accusation.

Avoid Posting On Social Media

I always recommend if you do date while going through a divorce that you avoid posting about your new relationship on social media. This is particularly true regarding posts about how you are spoiling your new love interest, whether with vacations or expensive gifts. Generally, I recommend avoiding any posts on social media regarding your divorce. I have seen online rants come back to hurt clients when used by the other lawyer to make them seem unstable. Similarly, there are predators out there on the lookout for people going through a breakup who may prey upon your vulnerability. It’s a time for privacy and stability.

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